How much does it cost to join scouts?

As with any organisation we do require fees to be able to operate and support the group.  These are set each year by the Group Committee, and are based on:

  • A joining fee to cover initial costs like scarf, woggle, record book, badges & certificates etc.
  • Fees we need to pay to Scouts Victoria each year for administration purposes
  • Fees to cover operation of our group. This includes equipment, supplies, insurance & maintenance.

For 2017/2018 1st Upper Beaconsfield Fees are as follows:

Joining Fee $50 one off
First Child $320 yearly
Additional Children $280 yearly

Fees are due 15th June each year.  If your child joins during the year, fees will be prorated based on the term of joining.

1st Upper Beaconsfield is reliant on adults taking on roles with the sections as Leaders. We have developed an incentive scheme where we will discount the Group fee for the children of Leaders.  See further detail in the sections below on what’s involved!

Is there a uniform and where can I purchase it?

All of our section members, and their leaders, are required to wear a uniform that is made up of a shirt and Group scarf. Each youth member’s shirt identifies the section that they belong to via a coloured insert across their sleeves and shoulders:

  • Tan = Joeys
  • Yellow = Cub Scouts
  • Green = Scouts
  • Maroon = Venturers
  • Red = Rovers

All of our sections provide some badge system that provides a means of encouraging the child to achieve. This is of course not compulsory, as different children enjoy different things with scouting.

Uniforms can be purchased from the Scouts shop, www.scoutshop.com.au.

How safe is scouting?

Safety is Scouts Australia’s top priority.  We have comprehensive procedures and policies to ensure Scouting is safe for all participants.  All adults who come into contact with youth members require police checks and are fully trained to deliver Scouting safely.  More information can be found at Child Safe Scouting.

Can we just turn up to scout sessions?

We recommend giving the Group Leader a call before you intend to come to a Scout meeting, so they can be prepared for you.  But of course you are welcome to come along!  Occasionally meetings are held off-site, or the Group is having an outing. Send us an email or give us a call.  More information can be found in our Information Pack.

What is the organisation structure at scouts?

Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers are known as Sections.  Sections are led by our Leaders, who ultimately are supported and led by our Group Leader.

We also have a Group Committee responsible for supporting the Group Leader and other Leaders in the operation of 1st Upper Beaconsfield.  Find out more on Our Team page.

Does 1st Upper Beaconsfield have a Joeys section?

We’re currently organising Joeys for 1st Upper Beaconsfield and would love for you to be a part of it.  We’re looking for Joeys and Joey Leaders to help bring it to fruition.   Please contact Justin Davey our Group Chairman for more information or to express your interest in joining our Joeys.