Last weekend was Clean Up Australia Day and in Upper Beaconsfield the local CFA group joined forces with 1st Upper Beaconsfield Scout Group to get their hands dirty tidying up a beautiful part of our local community.

Upper Beaconsfield, at the foot of the Dandenongs, is a well known village frequented not only by locals but also visitors to the Upper Beaconsfield Village Fair and day trippers by bicycle, car and motorbike wanting to enjoy a weekend cruise amoungst nature.

Firefighters joined with Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and their Leaders in a united front to tackle roadside rubbish and dumping in the bush.  Recyclables and rubbish were collected around Upper Beaconsfield, placed at collection points for the Cardinia Shire Council to collect during the week in support of the event.

1st Upper Beaconsfield also took the opportunity to hold a Group camp on the grounds of the Scout Igloo, combining all age groups to share fun and activities, meals and camping skills local to home.

Both the CFA and 1st Upper Beaconsfield hope to make it an annual event into the future and hope next year to be joined by the whole community.

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