Over a March weekend we held a group camp right here in Upper Beaconsfield, with representatives in attendance from our Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders.  It was an opportunity to get together as a group, making new friendships and bonds between sections, catching up with old friends who have moved between the sections and take a closer look at all of our equipment and supplies.

1st Upper Beaconsfield is fortunate in that we have a great facility in the Igloo and a lot of great equipment.  But keeping a tab on what needs repairs, what needs replacement and what else is needed in the future is something that often gets overlooked.  All of our participants got everything out of our storage room, setting up tents and with our Quartermaster onsite we were able to complete a thorough stocktake.

Overnight the group enjoyed dinner together prepared by the Scouts, games and activities were played by all followed by a movie on the big screen in the Igloo.  It’s fair to say everyone had a good sleep after all of the activities!

The event coincided with Clean up Australia day, and after the nights camping we joined the Upper Beaconsfield CFA in cleaning up our local community.  Service and community are two big things in Scouting, and we really enjoyed getting out making a difference locally.

We hope to make the Group camp an annual event, an opportunity to not only be involved in the local community, but also to spend time together and check and maintain our equipment.

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