On Saturday the 17th of February 2018 our Cub scouts and Leaders attended the Cardinia District Scouts annual beach day. Held at the Sorrento Campgrounds, just down from the Sorrento Sailing Club, it brings together cub scouts (cubs) from each of the districts Scout Groups in a fun, friendly, team atmosphere.

Here’s a video showing all of the activities from the day:

The weather was perfect with mid-twenties, clear skies and little to no wind. This did of course cause some problems with the sailing activities!

First up all of the cubs gathered together for a safety briefing and an overview for the day. We were hosted by the Sorrento Sea Scouts, which was a branch of Scouts formed by our founder to reflect more closely the activities completed by the navy.

The first activity was a beach walk with all of the cub scouts and leaders participating. A walk along the beach front past the Sorrento Sailing Club and along the Sorrento Pier was a lot of fun for all.

Once back, our cub scouts were broken out into their Sixes, based on their colour patches. The first activity was Beach Games, which included a ‘capture the baton’ race. This was a lot of fun and three of our cubs made it to the final three, with the batons reducing each run through.

This was followed by swimming from the pier, with both a short shallow course and deeper longer course available to the cubs. Parents and Leaders stood by to help. Any weaker swimmers had wristbands to help identify them.

A break for lunch was welcomed by all, with the children bringing along their own lunches. Fruit was shared as a snack and then it was back to it.

After lunch sailing was up next, and fortunately the wind picked up and our cubs were able to get their first taste of sailing. 4 cubs each went out with a leader, teaching them all about the components of a sailing boat, how it works and even a turn at steering once out on the water.

After the sailing, sea kayaks were up next. Our cubs were able to take out one and two seater kayaks to paddle around a defined area. The water was warm, and shallow, fortunately again for the parents and leaders surrounding the area to ensure everyone was ok. A race was even held around a course which was a lot of fun!

Thanks very much to the Sorrento Sea Scouts and Cardinia District Scouts for hosting the day. Our cubs had a lot of fun and now have the groundwork for a number of different badges done.

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